Group Services

Equipping your team/organization with insights and practices they need to be more skillfully themselves and work more effectively with each other is vital in today's demanding environment. If we want to attend simultaneously to the well-being of our people and the organization, we need leaders at all levels who can support themselves and others to be more engaged, productive, effective, and fulfilled.

I can help you bring critical skills to the table to help your group participants experience the content while seeing and collaborating with each other in new ways.  More embodied and experiential learning enables better adoption.


While the first and most important leadership is inner leadership, we ultimately work with and through others.  It's valuable to have approaches that expand the capacity of others to manage themselves and manage differences.  We can then bring our strengths, be valued and appreciated for what we bring, and collaborate effectively with others to achieve shared goals.

Group Offerings – I offer workshops which frame some of the key topics needed both for leaders and others in the organization to increase their awareness and skill in managing themselves and others for more success.

  Magnify Strengths ( <==click for more information)

  • Create a framework for contributing Strengths more effectively with the Strategic Interdependence model.
  • Learn your own strengths so you can manage them more skillfully.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the strengths of others to work more effectively across differences.

Clarify Culture ( <==click for more information)

  • Illuminate the gap between current and desired culture using proven assessment tools.
  • Digest the meaning of the data and use it as the foundation for taking directed action.
  • Maximize the impact of your actions by using the insights you have gained to strategically choose actions with greatest potential..


Build Resiliency ( <==click for more information)

  • External pressure is a constant - raise your awareness of how that translates into stress through the nervous system will provide a conceptual model and focus for managing it
  • Learn simple and actionable techniques that provide skills to practice taming your stress so you manage stress rather than allowing stress to manage you
  • Grasp the impact your neuro-biological coherence can have on others - it's fascinating and motivating to realize the energetic impact you have on others.  As you reduce your own stress, you help to reduce the stress in others.

Foster Growth (<==click for more information)

  • Convene small group coaching pods for a cost-effective and supportive approach to reaching more of your organization with individual attention on a sustained basis
  • Create customized approaches to meet the tailored needs of your team -  Let's talk!


Cultivate Courage (<==click for more information)

  • Identify the attributes of courageous leadership and cultures based on Brené Brown’s Dare to Lead™ research and curriculum.
  • Clarify the obstacles to courageous leadership.
  • Learn tangible practices to model and foster a courageous culture.

These offerings equip leaders and team members to be more intentional, less stressed, and more motivated to apply these practices, They also emerge more connected with each other and their broader purpose for greater impact.  If you or your organization wishes to pursue any of these offerings further, let’s schedule some time to discuss your needs, situation, and desired outcomes. Contact me here.