“Through deep listening, keen insight, powerful questions and expert use of an array of coaching strategies, Gale has helped me to gain clarity, stay on track and make tangible progress toward my stated goals. Her coaching style is the perfect balance of heart and skill.”  LM, Executive Director

"The coaching relationship with Gale helped me identify my deepest desires, move forward and stay focused on achieving them. We worked together on one of the biggest decisions I’ve made in a long time. Gale helped me really solidify my decision and craft a vision and theme for the next phase of my life. Gale has a high-impact coaching model which included helping me slow down and connect with my “knowing”. It is definitely helpful for people who want to live a more abundant, holistic life aligned to their specific dreams!"  LN, Management Consultant

"By introducing me to powerful role-playing, journaling, and other introspective techniques to distill my definition of personal and professional success, Gale has helped me recalibrate both my work and family life priorities. I’m a more confident, fully present, and successful person as a result. Gale’s techniques continue to keep me focused on the essential, and I’d recommend her services to anyone." TF, US Federal Security Agency Policy Leader

"The quality of Gale's attention during our coaching sessions has been remarkable. She notices not only the words you choose but your pace, energy, hesitation and confidence alike—all in service of my coaching goals. She has consistently offered the gift of being fully present, which has helped me focus, feel supported, and better able to shift when I get mired in the stuck places. Gale has fueled my forward momentum not only as a professional, but as a human being." DN, Counselor, Leadership Consultant, Facilitator, and Filmmaker