Foster Growth


  • Do you wish you had a way to offer coaching to more people in your organization but are concerned with affordability and feasibility?
  • What if you could form small groups that blend the benefit of personal attention and group support?



Pods of coachees can be formed from 2-4 people, ideally of similar levels in complementary but not overlapping roles. Where possible, it's valuable to form the pods around shared development focus areas so that they enhance their learning both directly and through their fellow pod members.



Regularly scheduled pod meetings held roughly every other week for 4-6 months, in which the coach shares content and provides short, focused individual coaching to each member of the pod.



The individual members emerge with both personal progress, group support, and a comforting context for their own challenges. They have had successes, they have deepened relationships and they have realized that they are not alone in their struggles.