Cultivate Courage


  • You’re intrigued by the concept of “courageous” leadership and interested to learn more about what that is and how to cultivate the skills that equip leaders to be “courageous”.
  • You’ve heard of or know Brené Brown’s work and you want to learn how to apply it so it is not just a concept but a leadership approach that benefits you and your team.  
  • You sense that you/your team/organization hasn’t built the level of trust that would enable people to contribute to their fullest. 
  • Your not sure how to support people in having the challenging conversations about what’s not working or where differences aren’t easy to resolve.  As a result, things are going unmentioned and unaddressed which is having a negative impact on the culture and the employees.

Dare to Lead™ curriculum lays the groundwork and gives participants perspectives, clarity, and tangible practices to use in increasing the courage level of their leadership with positive effects on the team and team culture that more courageous leadership brings. You've read the data on how much better people do and how engaged they are when they use their Strengths more effectively but you're not sure how to take useful steps in that direction.




Groups of people who work together are the best folks for this workshop, although it can be useful to others as well.  The most value is for intact teams of 12-20 people who wish to see and interact differently with their team members. 



  • Preparation: It’s useful but not required for people to have been exposed to Brené Brown’s work. The fastest and easiest way to get a taste for her and her initial research findings - which have ultimately led her to apply the work to leadership and organizations - is her very first and most famous TedTalk on the power of vulnerability. And, her subsequent TedTalks track the evolution of her work.  Reading her Dare to Lead book would prepare you very well.  The workshop will deepen the concepts and help you apply them.
  • Workshop:  The content is designed to ground all the participants in the characteristics of courageous leaders and the four sets of skills to cultivate brave leadership that can be observed, measured, and developed. There is 16 hours of workshop content which can be done in different clusters ranging from a 2-day intensive workshop to 2-hour chunks given over a 2-month period. There are activities which help the participants explore the concepts and begin to practice them.
  • Digestion:  After the workshop, participants are encouraged to keep noticing and practicing the building blocks in order to deepen the courage of their own leadership and contribute to the courage of their organization’s culture. 


The individuals and the team understand what courageous leadership looks like (and what is not courageous leadership), they know what skills are involved in developing courageous leadership and they have practiced these skills with other participants. They are ready to take their new awareness and emerging skills back into their work environment to continue to hone them.

Participant feedback:

" Fabulous workshop! Gale did an expert job conveying Brené Brown’s wonderful material and she enriched the experience with great additional slides and content from her robust bank of knowledge. Gale created a safe and welcoming space for everyone and was willing to share her own stories with vulnerability, which set the tone for digging deep. "

Gale’s Dare to Lead™ workshop is a wonderful introduction to Brené Brown’s work. With her in depth of knowledge, Gale invited me to step into my vulnerability and helped me feel the courage it takes to do that.” 

"Gale's presentation of  Brené Brown material was powerful!  She has command of the content, understands individual and organizational context, prepares relevant and helpful slides to present the material, and designs powerful exercises to integrate learning.   As a expert facilitator, Gale was always aware of the energy in the room, passionate about responding to individual needs and able to keep the group interested and energized.  Thank you, Gale, for what was for me a moving learning experience."